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Implementation of ERP system for car dealer


Development and implementation of an integrated ERP solution for the unique business processes related to recruitment, sourcing and selling used cars, detailing and sales of components.
Main difficulties:
A large number of processes and interactions with customers from different sides, as the transaction involved at least 3 persons (Customer selling cars/Customer buying cars/auto Specialist) in the company there were no described and recorded business processes. The main accounting program is Excel.


  1. Describes the main business processes
  2. Create business requirements
  3. writing technical specification
  4. Installation and initial setup of Odoo
  • Custom ERP modules Development:
  1. project management Module for the selection of used cars.
  2. project management Module for the sale of used cars.
  3. CRM system module
  4. financial management Module
  5. the control Module (Vacations, time sheets, calculation of KPIs, etc.)
  • additional services and goods sales Module:
  • warehouse/procurement Module for consumables and goods
  • Module management services Detailing
  • workflow Module with AutoFill function.
  • internal communication Module between project employees
  • employee knowledge base Module
  • reporting Module for management

Additional implementation work:

  1. integration and automation with IP telephony has been Performed.
  2. Developed an automatic parser characteristics/photo auto sites automotive subjects.
  3. Configure module interconnection within the system.
  4. configured and granted permissions to users of different levels
  5. training of personnel on work in ERP-system For different levels
  6. training materials and instructions for working in the system have been Created.
  7. Integrated a module of communication through Telegrams to the customers of the business
  8. all necessary changes and improvements have been Made
  9. 24/7 support line Set up

To sum up:

Developed ERP system for managing resources of a business in accordance to the specification

Development time — 4.5 months

Price — on request (URL Leave a request)

According to the customer, the business in three months after the introduction showed:

        • Profit Increase by + 33%
        • reduction of expenditure by — 14%

The Company emphasizes the reduction in the level of dissatisfied customers for reasons of time delays and increase the efficiency of their employees. Now the owner know each transaction at any time from any device, and can also find out why the client was dissatisfied by listening to the recording of conversations on the project and seeing all the correspondence directly in the system, and not in different mailboxes. At the touch of a button there is, the ability to see the income and expenses of the business to respond to the current situation.