Implementation of ERP-system for the company in Wholesale of office equipment | Odoo

Implementation of ERP-system for the company in Wholesale of office equipment



Development and implementation for the office of the wholesale company for the sale and purchase of household goods separate modules for special business processes + integration with the warehouse program.

Main difficulties of the company:
The inability of the client when referring to the Manager to make an order for different positions , the response time of the Manager could reach several hours, which led to the loss of customers.
There was also a problem of long shipment of goods due to the lack of communication between the warehouse and the office.
Frequent warehouse problems with understanding whether the order is paid or not before shipment.


  1. Describes the main business processes
  2. Written terms of reference for all blocks of requirements.
  3. Installation and initial setup of Odoo
  4. Implementation of custom ERP blocks:
  • Module of order processing and distribution between Manager
  • Module for automatic installation of tasks to managers for each order
  • Module of the Finance control and automation
  • warehouse module purchase/shipment of goods/acceptance of goods
  • Module of workflow with AutoFill function.
  • Internal communication Module between employees and customers
  • reporting Module for management

Additional implementation works:

  1. integration with the warehouse program and suppliers has been Completed.
  2. integration and automation with IP telephony is Performed.
  3. all wiring and connections of the modules within the system between the warehouse and the office are Made.
  4. Configured and granted permissions to users
  5. training of personnel in ERP
  6. training notebooks and instructions for working in the system have been Created.
  7. All necessary changes and improvements have been made

To sum up:

The main modules of ERP on management of system of sales and shipment of goods have been developed.

Development time — 3.2 months

According to the customer, the business in two months after the introduction showed:

  • profit Increase by+17.5%
  • the reduction of the expenditure on the 11.6% of

The Сlient informed that now the users receives a response from the Manager several times faster after placing the order for delivery in the personal account. Managers note that they no longer need to look for letters in different mailboxes to understand the status of the order. Required information is available from the system. As a result, the term of the transaction was reduced by 4 times and almost stopped customer complaints for the long term shipment of goods. Now all the main business processes are in one accounting system, which can be accessed in any place where there is Internet.
The Client also noted positively the saving of money for the purchase of the office, as errors in invoices and contracts became much less.